Dairy / Agribusiness

What would you call a large source of raw food located in one of the world's most lucrative markets? We call it Wyoming County! It's a great business location and a great opportunity for you! Your agriculture-dependent business belongs in Wyoming County, New York.

New York State's Dairy Leader

Just how big is agribusiness in Wyoming County? We are the highest milk producing county in New York state - 1.02 billion pounds of milk is produced annually from a herd of over 53,000 cows and not one pound of this milk is processed in the county! (We hope to change this.) Wyoming County is also the 20th highest milk-producing county in the United States.

New York State Milk Production pie chart

The county has 207,900 acres of land in farms that sell over $1.4 billion annually in crops and livestock. (USDA 2002) Within a 30-mile radium, you'll find 2,300 acres of potatoes, 6,000 acres of other vegetables and fruits (peas, beans, berries and apples), and bumper crops of maple syrup that are harvested every year and, like the milk, these commodities are processed outside of Wyoming County. (USDA 2002)

Imagine the production cost savings for your food processing business, with such an abundance of raw food sources nearby. For anyone associated with the production of specialized cheese, dairy products, the processing of fruits, vegetables, or the production of specialty agricultural products, the opportunities in Wyoming County may be unparalleled anywhere else in the nation!

New York is the third largest milk producer among the 50 states and Wyoming County is New York State's top milk producer. The County is the location of the State's largest and most successful dairy farms. Its success directly relates to two factors; the ability to grow excellent forages in large quantities, and a progressive business approach to the industry. Hay Field photoWyoming County dairy farmers have been leading New York forward for several years now, establishing a model that has allowed the state to maintain a strong dairy industry. The County is also well positioned to supply Northeast metropolitan markets that are among the largest and most wealthy in the world.

More importantly, Wyoming County's large dairies provide a reliable milk supply to meet the needs of today's vertically integrated consumer product distribution systems. The County's dairy farms are capable of efficiently delivering large quantities of quality product to the ever larger processors who, in turn, supply the nations' largest retail distributors. The ability to deliver a regular supply of consistent quality milk is essential to the economics of these systems. Wyoming County farmers have risen to the challenge by applying good business management skills, growing the sizes of their operations and achieving the required economies of scale to stay competitive in a commodity industry.

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