Dairy / Agribusiness

Imagine the advantages of being in close proximity to some of the best and most technologically advanced agricultural businesses in America. If your business is manufacturing a traditional agricultural product or is on the cutting edge of developing new agricultural or food products, there is no better environment in which to locate than Wyoming County. Fostering new agricultural innovations and products and business growth works best in an area where there is a solid foundation of resources and support and where change and new advances are not just accepted, they are embraced.

If that is not enough to consider a location in Wyoming County, consider the fact that we are geographically and strategically positioned in one of the world's most attractive markets regionally and internationally. A business located in Wyoming County provides ideal access to markets that within a 10-hour drive can reach 50% of the U.S. and Canadian population.

Route 63: Faster and Cheaper

Wyoming County's dairy farms are easily accessible by large milk trucks. Likewise, manufacturers of dairy products are afforded good access to major markets. Route 63 provides for unusually good connections from Wyoming county's dairy farm areas to the Interstate Highway System. It offers, within an area of the STate characterized by a gridiron pattern of highways, a direct route across the network to connect with the east-west Route I-90 (the New York State Thruway) at Batavia and the north-south Route I-390 at Mount Morris. A New York State Department of transportation corridor study now underway for this highway reports that "discussions with area residents, shippers, truck drivers and economic development specialists in the initial public outreach stages have led to the following conclusion: using Route 63 is faster, shorter, and cheaper." The study specifically indicates, in fact, the combination of Routes 36, 63 and 77 provide for a 44 mile. 55 minutes connection between i-390 and the Thruway, whereas staying on the Interstate System demand a 69 mile, 60 minute trip. Route 63 speeds actually average 51 miles per hour.

Wyoming County map

The Place for Adding Value

Wyoming County is the ideal location for small-scale, but high-value-added, dairy processing. No other area of New York offers such convenient access to both the supply and demand sides of the diary equation. The high equality milk is here, the large reliable producers are here and the major Northeast and Midwest urban markets are a relatively easy drive away in all direction. The labor supply is affordable and high-quality. Land and building costs are inexpensive. Milk is inexpensive to produce because corn silage is easy to produce here and the County's modern dairies operate with economies of scale not generally found in the Northeast region.

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