Dairy / Agribusiness

Attractive Markets

Both Orders are attractive from a milk handler standpoint. The Northeast Order, focused on Boston, exhibited above average Class 1 utilization for the 2004 year (47%) and the Eastern Federal Ordershighest percentage of Class 2 utilization (22%) among all orders, yielding a uniform price of $16.46, which translates to $15,41 for Wyoming County, below the $15.78 national price, with easy access to the wealthiest market in the world. The Mideast Order, centered on Cleveland, had below average Class 1 utilization (41%) that, combined with above average Class 2 and 3 utilization (17% and 37%, respectively) yielded a below average uniform price of $15.33.

Potential for Growth

Wyoming County is farm-friendly, with agriculture as its key economic sector. This has allowed farm consolidations, the core of its dairy success. The diary industry has major potential for expansion as this success spreads to adjoining counties, providing an antidote fort he tight milk supplies that have characterized the Northeast. This will keep prices affordable for handlers wanting access to the retail side of the market.

Public Support

Wyoming County government is agriculturally focused in an uncommon business-like manner that is to be envied by others, having helped to fund CAFO planning for its farmers, for example. The County's Economic Development Strategy calls, in fact, for making it the "high-tech dairy capital."

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