Dairy / Agribusiness

Milk Quality

Wyoming County produces more high quality milk than any other part of New York State. The "Super Milk" program, begun in 1990 by the Empire STate Milk Quality Council, recognizes New York State dairy farms that produce high quality milk. Super Milk farmers must maintain a somatic cell count (SCC) of less that 250,000 for at least ten months of the calendar year. They must also operate "exemplary farmsteads" based upon inspections. Super Milk logoWyoming County had 55 Super Milk producers in 2004. They represented 26% of all producers in the County. Combined with the County's status as New York State's largest milk producer, this suggests Wyoming accounts for over one-quarter billion pounds, or 12% of the State's highest quality milk supply. No other county comes close.

More and More and Better

Wyoming County is, therefore, distinguished by a combination of the largest production, the biggest producers and the highest quality milk in the state. It offers more milk, more reliable suppliers of the milk and better quality than anyone. Nothing could be a more powerful asses in attracting manufacturers of niche dairy products focused on high quality and good taste.

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