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Wyoming County has been steadily growing its milk production for many years. The following chart illustrates:

Milk Production chart

Statewide production was stable over this period, reflecting the County's increasing importance as a source of milk. It now accounts for 8% of the State supply.

Farm consolidation has been the key to the expansion of the dairy industry within those areas of the U.S. experiencing the most growth in milk production. Wyoming County was ranked No. 21 out of 2,493 milk producing counties in the U.S. in 2002. Significantly, the top 21 counties accounted for 27% of all dairy production. Most of these counties are to be found in the southwest or midwest areas of the nation. Wyoming Count is one of only tow counties in the entire Eastern United states to fall into that group, the other being Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Wyoming County's farmers are among the very few in the EAst who have been able to enlarge operations and compete with western producers on a level footing.

The growth in milk production that has characterized wyoming County has also spilled over into adjoining counties in Western New York State, create a very large milkshed with product being sold in both the NOrtheast and Mideast Federal Milk Marketing Orders. A USDA report on the flow of milk by marketing order and county for May, 2003 (most recent available) indicates the following:

Milk Production By Order chart

The Western New York counties of Wyoming and 14 of its neighbors produced over 345 million pounds of milk that month, representing 11% of milk sold into the NOrtheast Order and 6% of milk sold into the Mideast Order. Wyoming County alone accounted for 20% of WEstern New York stales into the NOrtheast Order, 26% of Western New York sales into the Mideast Order and 2% of the milk volume of both orders. It is a major player in every way. Moreover, the WEstern New York region it dominates is key to supplying the dairy needs of the most urban areas of the U.S.

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