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Former Robeson Appliance Industrial Site in Castile Has a Reuse


The former Robeson Appliance Industrial Site in the Town of Castile has a reuse as a recreational vehicle storage facility, vintage and antique boat and motor restoration as well as home to a future forest products related business.  Local businessmen Tim Calmes and Tom McEvoy have partnered up and worked out a deal with the DEC that allows them to take title to the property with a payment and compliance with certain conditions attached to the ongoing cleanup at the site.  Jim Pierce, president of the Wyoming County Business Center said that the “Business Center and the Industrial Development Agency (IDA) worked with these gentlemen for nearly two year period to gain control over the property.  The IDA invoked its powers of eminent domain to gain control of the property before transferring the property to the owners.  Joseph Gozelski, Supervisor for the town of Castile was extremely supportive in the whole process and is very excited that the building that has been vacant and deteriorating since 1989, will have a viable reuse and will be returned to the tax rolls.”


Robeson Appliance manufactured cutlery products and small electric appliances at the 20 acre site located on Old View Road from 1953 to 1989.  In 1989 the company filed for bankruptcy and it was soon discovered that a degreasing solvent known as trichloroethene (TCE) used in preparing parts for painting was illegally disposed of at the site.  The contamination to the soils and groundwater were significant enough the NYS Department Environmental Conservation stepped in and classified the site as a Super Fund Cleanup site.  The state funded cleanup began in July 1997 and to date the soils have been cleansed however there is an ongoing need to remediate the groundwater.  The site was been deemed safe to use by the DEC.



Wyoming County Market Research Study Complete


to release the results of a market research study entitled:  The program promises to be of great interest and is important information for anyone interested in Wyoming County’s local economy and its future direction. 


The Wyoming County Business Center, the lead entity for economic development in Wyoming County, commissioned Dr. Paul Scipione, Director of the Research Center at SUNY Geneseo to conduct a study entitled Setting the Direction & Strategy of Economic Development in Wyoming County: A Study of Shopping, Retailing and Entrepreneurship.  The study identified spending patterns and economic leakages and set the direction for developing strategies focused on recapturing some of spending that is lost every day to other counties.   Jim Pierce, President of the Wyoming County Business Center says that “Wyoming County relies heavily on sales tax to sustain our county government.  The study points out that Wyoming County residents have $650 million of spending power annually and that only 60% of that is spent with businesses here in the county.  That means we are losing about $1 million of local spending to neighboring counties and with that loss goes the sales tax.”


The Wyoming County Business Center would like to thank the following entities for their support of the study, the Wyoming County Industrial Development Agency, Village of Arcade, Village of Attica and the Town of Perry.  Special thanks also goes out to Richard Barth, Director of the Small Business Development Center at SUNY Geneseo.






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